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Design brings
us together.

Caffeine keeps us that way.

Who Are We?

We are a creative studio born and bred in Metro Detroit, comprised of masterminds, makers, creatives, and craftspeople. Together we find thrill in the challenges our clients present us and delight in collaborating toward solutions. It’s great in here.

But who are we really? We’re change agents and pho fanatics, model builders and adventurers. We fly the drones and tap the kegs (not always at the same time). We’re blacksmiths and gallery-goers, heartbreakers and soccer players. We play sax, we play bass, and we never back down from an opportunity.

Zoyes Creative founders Aimee and Dean Zoyes

Zoyes | Brand + Form


Zoyes Creative began with the shared vision of Aimee and Dean Zoyes. With their extensive architectural experience and formidable design skillsets they built the firm from the ground up, seeing it through every challenge, and sharing their passion for creative excellence along the way.

As our projects have grown, so too has our team, expanding its leadership to include directors for both the brand and form studios.

L — Directors of the Form Studio, Rich Rozebom + Phil Martin R — Directors of the Brand Studio, Joey Schwab + Jamie Latendresse

Super Troupe

At the heart of Zoyes Creative is an exceptional group of designers, thinkers, builders, and problem solvers. Assembled from a myriad of backgrounds, disciplines, and wheelhouses, ours is a deep bench.

An ever-increasing roster of clients means we’re constantly growing. If you have the chops and determination to build your career inside a feverishly design-centric studio, get in touch with us.

Zoyes | Brand + Form
Aimee Zoyes Principal, Brand Studio
Zoyes | Brand + Form
Dean Zoyes Principal, Form Studio
Zoyes | Brand + Form
Rich Rozeboom Director, Form Studio
Zoyes | Brand + Form
Shelby Caverly Business Development Manager
Zoyes | Brand + Form
Joey Schwab Creative Director
Zoyes | Brand + Form
Jamie Latendresse Executive Creative Director
Zoyes | Brand + Form
Phil Martin Senior Illustrator + Model Maker
Zoyes | Brand + Form
Laura Ritchie Senior Designer
Zoyes | Brand + Form
Eric Mosher Technology Director
Zoyes | Brand + Form
Anna Kunnath Office Manager
Zoyes | Brand + Form
TJ Nemitz Illustrator + Model Maker
Zoyes | Brand + Form

The Zoyes Form Team

Zoyes | Brand + Form

The Zoyes Brand Team

Trust me, it's an amazing place to sleep work.

Maggie Director, Canine Operations